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Welcome to Siempre Amar Ragdolls.
Our cattery is located in Vlissingen, the Netherlands.

Welkom bij Siempre Amar Ragdolls.
Omdat wij ook veel Engels-talige bezoekers op onze site hebben is
onze site in de Engelse taal, wij hopen dat dit geen probleem voor u is.
Klik hier voor onze Nederlandse welkomstpagina !
Onze volledig in het Nederlands geschreven website is in de maak,
dus nog even geduld graag.

My goal is to produce beautiful, healty and loving Ragdolls
wich gives us much love and pleasure.
Almost all of my cats are out of traditional lines !
The special thing on the Ragdoll is that they have a wonderfull character,
a loving nature, and ofcourse that blue eyes.
Ragdolls prefer your company, and will follow you from room to room,
just to be with you. Ragdolls are so special, we love them so much.

All my cats passed through the process for HCM/PKD .
All my cats are tested also for the new HCM-Gene.
Everything in my breeding programm is Negative (normal/normal).
You can see the pedigrees of my cats on ””PawPeds”” see the Link site.
I showTica as much if i can. If you are interested, you can always mail or phone me.

I hope you enjoy my site.

My special thanks goes to Mary from Cattery FurReal
Thank you Mary for your trust and trusting Shay to me !
He has given us so much lovely and beautiful babies.

Regional and International Winner
and now also Supreme Grand Champion !

- Traditional Lines -

Also I want to thank Fay from Cattery Chatandolls.
Thank you for your trust in the past and trusting all of your lines to me after your retirement !
Now that you are retired I wish you a very healthy and placid old day :-)

Chatandolls Kaito

- Traditional Lines -


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